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Hotaru Kaze (Ghostly Vehicle)

One piece of the Oboroguruma in the "Cursed Twin Harley" legend, and Jun Kaze's younger brother. He's just as scarred as her, and just as beautiful. Compared to his lively older sister, he's more of the quiet, conservative type. Since his curse was removed he's served as transportation in the form of a car, and has even taken on the appropriate shape for some late-night cruising. A subdued young man who deeply respects Murakumo and sees him as a big-brother figure. He's also opened up and become attached to Shima, who helped him. But for some reason, he calls Benten "Ane-san".

Hotaru's eyes
Usually slightly shiny with 100% pure tears. His eyes are a metallic tear color.

Hotaru's muffler
Because he's a bike!

Hotaru's brain
A natural-born airhead, but very sensitive -- in other words, a bit of a crybaby. He definitely doesn't come across as moody or weak, though, and he's very friendly. Yep, he's all right.

Hotaru's mouth
Quiet, but not because he's in a bad mood or withdrawing. He wants you to come chat comfortably with him. He'll respond in a rather awkward but formal way. He tacks "-su" onto the end of his sentences and uses "Jibun" while speaking in the first person.

Hotaru's arms
His driving technique is awesome, but he usually wraps his arms around his knees and tucks them against his chest.

Hotaru's manga
Loves the 70s and 80s manga that focus on the springtime of youth. He likes Taku Tsumugi's work.

Hotaru's fingers
Just... he has a bad habit of folding page corners down in his manga.

Hotaru's... "2nd muffler"
Riding and being ridden are facts of his life. Its fiery heat is on par with a Harley's muffler.

Hotaru's legs
Sits with his knees pulled to his chest. It's the most relaxing position for him. He wears long engineer boots. It hurts if you kick them.

Other notes
Has as many piercings as dead masters, plus more piercings elsewhere. His sister wears hers on the opposite ear. The OG (yellow topaz) was from his very first master.

Author's comments
Visually, he's changed the least of all the characetrs I first designed. I gave him the Chojin rock hair, a white muffler, a leather jumpsuit and engineer boots, and put scars all over him. I loved that rider look since I was a kid. Naturally, ut turned into this.

180 cm tall/70 KG
Hobbies: manga cafes.

Relevant pieces from his sister Jun's profile (which also apply to Hotaru):
"The scars on her body represent all the masters she's had who have died..."

"Has a wheel and a yellow rose tattoo on her left hand, which means... what? What could the reason be?!"

"Has a horseshoe piercing in her belly button (because she's an iron horse)."

"Jun's brain - has that stereotypical big-sister brain that says 'my little brother's a bit of a pushover so I have to be the sensible one!'..."


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